Monday, July 06, 2009

Allen Schick Responds

In his usually discreet manner, Marvin Schick informed the world that I have attained the age of 75. This is the only accurate statement in his column. The truth is that he has surpassed me in all regards, beginning at birth when he appeared (according to family mythology) 15 minutes before me. Since then, he has excelled in truly important matters, serving Klal Yisroel selflessly. I have admired his accomplishments, and bemoan that mine fall far short. But I have never envied him--well, I did once, when he acquired an apartment in Jerusalem--inspiring me to do the same. While in Israel, Marvin maintains his usually demanding learning schedule via telephone to America. In fact, the phone company wanted to disconnect Marvin's Internet phone because he racked up 7000 minutes in one month, learning on a regular schedule.

When Marvin reached the age of 75 some days ago, I was about 8000 miles away. But my thoughts were entirely about him, wishing him many years serving the Jewish community and being the best twin anyone ever had.

Allen Schick